1999 Young Jumper Championships


The Young Jumper Championships are designed to identify the most promising 5 and 6-year-old show jumping prospects competing here in the United States. Developed in cooperation with the International Jumper Futurity, the YJC is open to IJF 'graduates' as well as to all other horses in these age categories as long as they can present proof of identity, age and lineage. Entry will be denied to horses not able to produce either Breed Registry papers of Certificates from the International Jumper Futurity showing that the horse was nominated to this program prior to their 4-year-old year.


  1. To provide encouragement and rewards for horsemen, both owners and riders, interested in the development of horses capable of successfully representing our country at the highest levels of show jumping.
  2. To offer opportunities for our up-coming Grand Prix horses to compete over suitable courses, against their peers, in the Grand Prix arenas that host our major events.
  3. To develop and train young horsemen as they enter the professional rider ranks in the fine arts of recognizing equine talent, training and developing raw talent into experience equine partners, and effectively managing training and competition schedules to produce lasting performance horses with which to share future success.


Qualifying Classes are being hosted throughout the year by some of America's most prestigious events. They are designed to provide exposure and invaluable experience as Owners, Breeders, and Riders endeavor to bring young horses along the road from farm to Grand Prix success.

Two different locales will host League Finals in September of 1999. The Eastern League Finals are tentatively scheduled to take place in conjunction with the American Gold Cup in Devon, PA. While ShowPark of San Diego will play host to the Western League Finals on September 1-5. The League Finals will determine the Champions in each Age Division which will be eligible for free air transportation to compete for the more than $50,000 offered in the Monterrey Young Horse Challenge events. This Challenge will be held for the first time in Monterrey, Mexico during one of the finest show jumping tournaments in the world today. The YJC program has been designated the sole qualifying method for the Monterrey Young Horse Challenge for horses from the U.S.

For 1999, the ShowPark of San Diego series of events will also offer a special national series for 7-year-old horses under the same format as that used for 5 and 6-year-olds. To be eligible, 7-year-olds must never have placed in any open jumper event offering $25,000 or more in prize money.

Additionally, at the Young Jumper Championship League Final events, awards may be given to the Leading Rider of Young Jumpers, the Leading Owner of Young Jumpers, and the Leading Young Rider&emdash;all based on results with all their horses in all age groups.

International Jumper Futurity Bonuses

Beginning in 1999, special IJF Bonus Awards will be given within the Young Jumper Championship format as follows:

  1. Horses that were properly nominated to the IJF prior to their 4-year-old year will be eligible for additional cash awards, from the IJF program, based on their placings in the YJC Leagues.
  2. The highest placed IJF nominated horse in each age group from each League will receive a first place bonus award and the title "IJF League Champion Five (Six or Seven) Year Old."
  3. Reserve Champion through 5th place will also receive bonus awards, as will original nominators and stallion nominators of these horses.
  4. If the IJF is successful in attaining additional sponsorship from parties interested in the promotion of U.S. bred jumpers, additional bonus payments may be awarded in specially selected Qualifying classes at major venues throughout the U.S.
  5. In all cases IJF Bonuses will be awarded in addition to any prize money, awards, or travel opportunities that a given individual may have also won in the Young Jumper Championship events.

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