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Young Jumper Championships - National Standings

Horses must be recorded ANNUALLY with the YJC to compete in YJC qualifying classes. Horses not recorded with the YJC will not be allowed to enter a YJC class. To record a horse with the YJC you must submit:
    1)  YJC Recording Application (completely filled out).
    2)  Photocopy of the HORSES REGISTRATION PAPERS.
    3) Check for the Recording Fee.  
(IJF nominated horses may submit a copy of a IJF Nomination Certificate and the fee is waived)
Horse Recording Applications
are available online at www.youngjumpers.comor at host show locations.

Points are assigned per the table in USEF GR923. Horses that do not earn points via ribbons will be assigned 2 points for double clears and 1 point for first-round clears.

Click on Horse Number to view Pedigree and Results detail.

2009 Young Jumper Championships - National Standings
YJC No Horse Faults Points Owner League